Financial Institutions

If your business is a financial institution, we’d love to speak to you. Security is a huge concern these days, and the people who worry about it are right to worry. You’d be surprised how many horror stories we’ve heard about janitorial services in general. Some services don’t see something wrong with subcontracting their work to friends for cash and giving them information on how to access secure financial buildings after hours. It’s a real ‘yikes’ situation.

Trust us: we don’t like the sound of that, either.

We believe the people allowed into your building after hours should not only be dependable, but trustworthy. In keeping with that standard, we provide the names and information about prospective janitorial staff to you–for your approval. The people who receive entry instructions and codes for after-hours cleaning are the only people who should enter that building. And we take great care to ensure that’s the case with our employees. They know the sensitive nature of ‘teller trash,’ and the unique privacy demands of your line of establishment. All secure information should stay that way. So don’t hesitate to let us know any specifics in how your materials need handling, or precautions we should take when taking care of your building.

Security, privacy, and integrity are serious business, and we’ll treat your concerns with the attention and sincerity they rightfully deserve. Your assets deserve to be defended, and we’re serious about protecting what is important to you.

Quality Work

At Fox Cities Janitorial, we take pride in our professionalism and our work performance. The cleanliness of your business reflects the standards of your business as a whole, and we want everyone from your everyday visitors to those special VIPs to leave impressed. Your appearance and first impression are ours as well. We know exactly how much it matters in this highly competitive industry. We’re the perfect size–not so small that we can’t handle what you need. But, we aren’t so big that any client would become just a number and an account with us. You’re you. And we want to know what’s special about your business.

Your workers already have a lot on their minds. They should come in every day to a clean kitchenette, and sparkling desks. The ATMs, the front counter, the meeting rooms, the floors–none of these should be your concern or your employees’ concern. Wastebaskets should be emptied, with fresh liners. All computer monitors and keyboards should be visibly clean. That’s just a matter of fact. Let us take care of it for you, so you have the time to focus on what’s really important–your business.

All of our staff receive training and higher than average pay. But, that’s because we believe superior performance merits a superior reward. However, you won’t be seeing anything but competitive prices for our services. We invest in our employees, which means that they’re trained to work efficiently and you shouldn’t see much, if any, staff turnover. Ideally, our staff should feel like an extension of your staff. When you contact us, feel free to go into detail about your concerns. We want to invest in you, so you have more time to invest in your clientele.

Personalized Service

Do you have carpets? Tile? Ceramic? How about hardwood or marble? Do you need the floor waxed and sealed on a regular basis? What about refinishing? How do you like your break rooms kept? Is one of your employees allergic to a certain cleaner?

We want to know, because we are genuinely interested. Different materials require different upkeep routines, and we are more than happy to customize our services to your lobby and other facility areas. If you’re surprised by the amount of questions we ask, rest assured that it is in the name of a job well done. We want to ensure we match the best cleaning products for each surface. After all, it all begins with the cleaning closet. You’ll find that from our product selection to the organization of the cleaning closet, our standards speak for themselves.

Is there a meeting coming up with a VIP that you absolutely have to impress? We want to get in there and make the entire place sparkle. Please let us know exactly what you are looking for.

Do you have questions for us? Even better. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate, or just to answer your questions. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

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