Floor Cleaning

Every day we walk on the floors of our offices, government buildings, or financial institutions. Floors that get dirty, scuffed, and lose their shine are a fact of life, but you can help prevent these issues by getting your floors cleaned regularly. Make a good impression on everyone that walks through your doors by hiring a reputable commercial cleaner with a focus on floor care.

Fox Cities Janitorial can keep floors looking their best with our competitively priced floor cleaning service. Fox Cities Janitorial offers maintenance and waxing of hard floors, as well as extraction and cleaning of carpets. Maintenance includes washing, scrubbing, burnishing, and stripping. All of this helps keep your floors looking their best, and aids you in making a great first impression with your clients.

What We Offer

Fox Cities Janitorial understands how critical clean floors and carpets are to your business. We know that you want to give the best possible first impression. With over a decade of experience, we have the expertise and equipment to give you the quality results you crave.

Fox Cities Janitorial also has relationships with the experts–the manufacturers of the products we use to clean your floors. No matter what your flooring woes, we can handle it–and if we need to call in the specialists, we do. Sometimes the manufacturer’s direct employees show up to help us lay down the finish for the best results. It’s all part of giving you the best service possible, as customer satisfaction is essential to us.

You Matter Most

Everything we do is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our floor cleaning services and other services. We endeavor to have superior services, and we discuss our procedures with our customers on a regular basis to keep our services top notch. We enjoy solving things for our clients and address all concerns and questions promptly. We are always aiming for acclaimed customer care and satisfaction, and it shows.

One thing we do very well: train our staff to meet our clients’ needs. Many janitorial companies do not train their staff. But we strive for excellence with each employee and want our clients to expect the same level of clean each and every time. We also have support staff to ensure that we pair our clients with the right cleaning team for their needs. The cleaning staff becomes an extension of your business, keeping your floors looking their best at all times without you lifting a finger.

If you have a question or concern, let us know, and we will take care of it promptly. We will work with you to keep your satisfaction high and to ensure we are giving the best customer care possible. There are many things we can do to address your concerns, so do not hesitate to let us know about them. The faster we know, the faster we can fix them.

What You Can Expect

We have the experience and equipment to keep your floors looking fantastic longer. If you have a particularly troublesome floor, we will call in the experts as needed to ensure your satisfaction. You can expect our well-trained staff to treat your business like it’s their own, keeping your floors looking their best at all times. Our staff is trained to provide exceptional attention to detail to provide you with the best floor care services. We also match our cleaners to your specific floor needs to ensure the best results.

You can also expect competitively priced floor care services, backed by our outstanding customer care. We have both the experience and the equipment needed to tackle even the toughest jobs. You can expect us to call in the experts if needed for your floors to ensure a great result. We go to great lengths to give you the best floor care service possible. No matter what your floor care issue is, we are there for you.

We want your clients to have great first impressions and great lasting impressions of your business. We stay in communication with our clients, so talk to us about your needs at any time. We work fast to give you that superior floor care service you want and need.

If you don’t like what you see when you look down, give Fox Cities Janitorial a call. We can fix even troublesome floors. To keep your floors looking their best, all you have to do is call us– we’ll take care of the rest. Take one worry off your mind with Fox Cities Janitorial floor care services.

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