A Guide To Get Your Baseboards Cleaner

Posted July 18th, 2018.

A Guide To Get Your Baseboards Cleaner

Out of sight, out of mind. If you’re anything like me, this is never truer than when it comes to the baseboards in your office building. Baseboards are often overlooked during routine building cleaning because they’re not furniture or floors, and they don’t draw the eye. Even during spring cleaning, baseboards can get skipped. However, they need to be cleaned regularly, just like any other part of your office building. DIYnetwork recommends cleaning them at least a couple of times a year, but the more often you clean them, the easier it will be for you.

Getting your baseboard cleaner will reduce the overall amount of dust in the building, besides adding that extra shine to your floors. Read on for a simple how-to on deep-cleaning those grimy baseboards and some tips on baseboard maintenance.

First, you need to put together your baseboard cleaning toolkit.

Baseboard Cleaning Tools

Baseboard Cleaning Tools
Here are some expert recommendations for what you will need to clean your baseboards:

  • Cleaning solution: Dishwashing liquid works well; just make sure to pick something appropriate for your baseboard material.
  • Bucket of warm water: Make sure it is a size that you can carry around from wall to wall.
  • Cleaning cloth: Merry Maids recommends microfiber in their tutorial. Cotton cloth works too.
  • Cotton swabs: These are handy for the tricky-to-get-to areas.
  • Cushy mat: A nice mat, cushion, or towel will keep you comfortable while you work.
  • Vacuum cleaner attachment (optional): This is a good tool for getting rid of the top layer of dust.
  • Fan (optional): If you want to air-dry your baseboards, get a fan or three.
  • Now that you’ve got your baseboard toolkit, you’re ready to get down and dirty. Read on for a step-by-step process for getting any baseboard cleaner than ever.

How To Deep-Clean Baseboards

How To Deep-Clean Baseboards

  1. Clear the area by the walls: A tidy working area is key and will give you access to what you will be cleaning. You will need to fit yourself and your cleaning equipment right next to the wall, so move any furniture, boxes, or clutter at least three feet away from the walls. Get a friend or family member to help move heavier items.
  2. Get out your mat: The mat is to keep your knees comfortable. Deep-cleaning baseboards can take a few hours, especially depending on the size of your building and the number of baseboards.
  3. Vacuum or dust the baseboards: Using a dry microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner dust attachment, do a first-pass cleaning of the baseboards. This will get rid of the top layer of dust, cobwebs, and other loose dirt and leave you a clear area for the next step.
  4. Mix water and cleaning solution: Every two quarts of warm water needs a few drops of the dishwashing liquid or your chosen cleaning solution.
  5. Dampen cleaning cloth: Dip your cleaning cloth into your bucket of soapy water. Do not oversaturate your cloth, especially if it is microfiber. Wring out any excess liquid so that it won’t leave lots of water behind on the baseboards.
  6. Wipe down baseboards: Using your cleaning cloth with warm soapy water, scrub and wipe down the baseboards. Get rid of any grime, stains, and sticky dirt. Make sure to be very thorough.
  7. Clean out crannies: Dip your cotton swabs in the soapy water and use them on any corners, edges, details, or other tricky areas. This is where grime is most likely to get stuck and gather, so be meticulous.
  8. Rinse and repeat: Repeat steps 4-6 until those baseboards are looking squeaky clean. If your soapy water gets murky, dump it out and refill it. You don’t want to spread any dirty water around on the baseboards.
  9. Dry off baseboards: Before you move furniture or anything else back, make sure the baseboards are fully dry. You can wipe them down with a clean, dry towel or set up fans to air-dry them.

There you have it. Following the steps listed above will get you a good deep clean of your baseboards.

However, once you’ve gotten your baseboards back to a respectable cleanliness level, you want to keep them clean. That can be the hardest part to accomplish. Cleaning them regularly will reduce dust in your office building and keep them from getting really grimy again, which will save you time in the future.

Regular Baseboard Cleaning Routine

Regular Baseboard Cleaning Routine
Here are some maintenance tips for keeping your baseboards clean all the time, not just after spring cleaning:

  • All baseboards: Dust or vacuum your baseboards once a week for the best results.
  • Kitchen baseboards: Kitchen baseboards might need more attention because they are the most likely to get stains or spots due to grease and food splatters. Wipe them down using a microfiber cloth soaked with warm water and dishwashing liquid.
  • Reduce dust by using a dryer sheet: Rub baseboards thoroughly with a dryer sheet. This will reduce static, which will lessen the amount of dust that sticks to them.

Even if you don’t look at your baseboards much or even notice them, keeping them clean will improve the air quality in your office building and make everything look neater. Keep these tips on hand when cleaning your baseboards until you become a real expert

To many people, baseboard cleaning can be overwhelming. If you have a big office or other large business building, cleaning baseboards (not to mention everything else) can take much more time than you have or want to spend. You should consider using a janitorial service for these more extensive areas.

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