Eight Benefits to Using a Commercial Cleaning Service

Posted December 3rd, 2018.

Eight Benefits to Using a Commercial Cleaning Service

A clean office is a healthy office. A clean office is a productive office. A clean office makes a strong impression on customers. Keeping your commercial office space clean is hugely important for these and many more reasons.

So you know you have to keep your office clean. The next question is how. What is the best way to handle your offices cleaning needs now and over time? How do you find commercial cleaning services near you?

You have three choices to keep your office clean: make cleaning part of the duties of your own employees, hire a commercial cleaning service, or forget about it until it is in such bad shape that you can’t ignore it any longer. That last choice isn’t really a choice, so it comes down to doing it in-house or outsourcing to a commercial cleaning service company, such as Fox Cities Janitorial Services.

Here are a few benefits of using a commercial company for your cleaning needs:

  1. No need to purchase and store cleaning supplies. That’s a worry and a duty that you can take off your plate. We purchase, transport, use, and refill our cleaning materials to get your workspace sparkling and dust-free. We can even accommodate specific requests for types of cleaning solutions, fragrances, and other customized needs. Some cleaning supplies contain chemicals that need to be stored and disposed of properly, or can create a workplace accident if misuse occurs. Those concerns are not for you when a commercial company handles them.

    Lastly, our team of experienced janitors knows which kinds of cleaning materials to use for which cleaning jobs. We know how to remove stains, what is safe for food surfaces, which products won’t harm unique fabrics or natural surfaces such as granite, and what products kill microbes and germs.

  2. No need to purchase and service cleaning equipment. From the basics like vacuum cleaners and mop buckets to more high-tech equipment such as floor waxers or extractors, you don’t have to worry if something breaks, needs a part, or doesn’t do the job. Servicing and maintaining the equipment is on us so your commercial office space looks great all the time!
  3. Specialty services as your needs change. Let’s face it, there is always routine cleaning to do, but sometimes life surprises you. A leak, flooding, an accident, bats in the belfry or squirrels in the walls, a bug infestation, mold — all of these things create special cleaning needs that are only a phone call away to your commercial cleaning service. We’re prepared to step in when a cleaning situation arises, whether it’s something as unusual as a stray animal wreaking havoc or as mundane as a thorough cleaning before an event or inspection (or after an office party), your commercial cleaning service is your partner.
  4. Trained employees who are passionate about their work. Our staff has one job: to make your workplace spic and span. It’s what we do. We take pride in our work, and we hire our team for their work ethic, personal responsibility, and passion for what they do. We aren’t begrudgingly cleaning or sweeping dirt under the rug.

    Our goal is your 100 percent satisfaction. If something ever isn’t right, all you have to do is give us a call, and we will handle both the coaching and counseling of the employee and fixing the issue right away.

  5. A daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal cleaning schedule. Of course, there are daily cleaning tasks: emptying trash receptacles, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and food surfaces, sweeping & vacuuming. But there are the other cleaning needs that can sneak up on you: ceiling fan blades, air vents, blinds, and windows are good examples.

    When you let us handle your cleaning needs, we put your company on a cleaning maintenance schedule to make sure these important — but not every day — services get done. One of the best benefits: you won’t have to think about it. We’ll take care of it.

  6. Reduced Liability for Certification and Injuries. You may not be aware that handling certain chemicals and pieces of equipment requires accreditation. But it’s our job to know. We manage all the training and certification of our employees and making sure those certifications stay up-to-date as regulations, machinery, and ingredients change. We also are responsible if there is, unfortunately, an injury or exposure during the cleaning process.

    We’ll deal with the occupational and health safety hazards, mitigation and clean up, helping our employee with their trauma, and all the paperwork and administrative processing that an incident requires.

  7. Reliability. If your employee or employees who are responsible for office cleaning are sick, on vacation, away at a conference, or out of the office for any reason, who will take care of the cleaning while they are gone? That’s another headache you don’t have when you let us do the cleaning for you. If the regular person or team who takes care of your office is not available for any reason, it’s part of our job to replace them and make sure your office gets cleaned on schedule.
  8. You never have to worry about a cleaning employee calling out, having to find a substitute for them, or be concerned that the cleaning just won’t get done. You are free to focus on your business and your employees and yourself.

  9. Saving money. How does spending money on commercial cleaning services save you money? You don’t have to hire, train, and pay taxes and benefits for an employee whose job is to clean your workspace.

    Besides, a clean commercial office space saves money in the long run as dust lowers the performance of major equipment, such as heating and air-conditioning systems, and dirty workspaces breed microbes and germs that get your employees sick and cause them to lose productivity or miss work.

As you can see, a commercial cleaning service has many benefits! Studies have shown that a clean office improves productivity and employee health. Your time and resources are essential, and using a company whose sole focus is cleaning frees your energy for other work. We have experience cleaning all types of commercial businesses, from traditional offices to schools, to healthcare settings, to churches, fitness centers, retail shops, restaurants, and industrial spaces such as auto service or heavy equipment repair.

Let Fox Cities Janitorial improve your office cleanliness, reduce your liability, and help boost employee morale and customer satisfaction. Contact us to receive a quote for your specific cleaning needs today!