What Does Your Janitor’s Closet Look Like?

Posted December 3rd, 2018.

What Does Your Janitor’s Closet Look Like?

You depend on your professional office cleaning service to be reliable, thorough, and prepared. Using a janitorial service takes away the stress of having to hire and train an in-house cleaning staff. It also provides you with a professional and knowledgeable team to take care of your office and building cleaning needs. Fox Cities Janitorial has been meeting and exceeding expectations for our customers’ commercial cleaning needs for more than 14 years. And we’re not afraid to invite you to look in our closets.

That might seem strange, but you can learn a lot about your office cleaning service’s habits and credibility by looking in their supply closets, where they keep the tools of their trade.

Commercial Cleaning Tools for Getting the Job Done

An adequately kept supply closet shows that your janitorial service can keep your building clean in the most professional and up-to-date way. Your janitor’s closet should contain a variety of tools for the diverse cleaning jobs that arise. Using the right tool makes a real difference in the cleanliness of your commercial space.

A reliable and professional janitorial service should stock the most effective cleaners, tools, and products. Their tools should be in good repair and kept clean and sanitary.

For example, a janitor’s closet should always have several extra broom and mop handles available. This way, clean heads are easily changed when needed. You wouldn’t want your floors mopped with a dirty mop-head full of dirt and bacteria from months of use, would you? A proper and professional cleaning service disposes of dirty and worn-out cleaning materials and keeps the reusable items sanitized. You don’t want germs and grime spread around. You want your workspace to be genuinely clean.

Your well-stocked janitor’s closet should include squeegees in addition to mops and brooms. Squeegees are great for cleaning windows and other surfaces where you don’t want to see streaks or spots. Squeegees can also be used to scrub some floors when necessary, or to push standing water out while cleaning.

Also, pay attention to the kinds of cleaning solutions in your office cleaning service’s janitorial closet. Is green cleaning merely a buzzword, or a habit? Do they have a variety of cleaning products, including those that do not contain harsh chemicals or produce fumes? If you’re seeking environmentally responsible commercial cleaning solutions, you will want to know what chemicals they use, how they prevent cross-contamination, and how they dispose of them. A look in their closet can give you a good idea.

Trash Patrol and Portable Janitor’s Closets on Carts

Trash disposal for your office or building is a priority for your janitorial service. To make the best use of their time, many janitors use convenient trash carts that function as a portable closet-on-wheels, keeping basic supplies at hand.

If you participate in a recycling program, your office cleaning service should have methods in place for gathering, separating, and disposing of recyclables properly. You can get a good idea of their commitment to sustainability by looking at their trash disposal carts and closets.

These carts should be well-organized, stocked, and maintained. If the carts are in good working order, so will your service be.

Restroom Recovery and Maintenance

Cleaning the restrooms is one of the most critical tasks of any office cleaning service. Customers and employees alike expect a clean restroom. The restroom in your building creates a lasting impression on your guests.

With the right cleaning products and tools, cleaning bathrooms can be much less daunting. A well-equipped janitor’s closet includes toilet brushes, plungers, sanitizing cleaners, and deodorizers.

Not only are all the right cleaning products necessary, but it is vital for your janitorial service to have refills for sanitary disposals, air fresheners, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as toilet paper and paper towels on hand. A smoothly operating and clean restroom should conform to your preferences and equipment, which should be kept in working order.

Keeping Floors Clean

Whether carpet or tile, floors must be kept clean and maintained. Your janitor’s closet should contain a high-powered and efficient vacuum, as well as equipment for your specific floors’ needs. Ceramic tile, laminate, cork, wood, and other materials need specialized cleaning with tools such as buffers, waxers, or dry or wet mopping with specific solutions. Your office cleaning service should be able to handle these various needs.

An industrial extraction machine is ideal for commercial and office buildings and will help keep heavily trafficked carpets looking their best. And if you peek in our closet, you’ll see that our equipment is properly serviced and maintained.

First Impressions

If you opened a janitorial services’ closet and saw that it was a disaster, would you feel they were able to service your building effectively? Or would you be concerned that the condition of their closet was a representation of how they do business?

A disorganized, messy closet would likely make you reconsider hiring a service, whereas a neat and tidy closet would make you feel they are prepared and competent.

Organization, Order, and Safety

A fully stocked cleaning closet isn’t the only important component of a successful janitorial service. The items must be well-organized with everything easily accessible. An organized closet ensures that your janitorial service has everything they need each time they visit your building.

Safety measures to keep potentially volatile chemicals separate and in airtight containers are a must. Separate rags — including a color coding system for chemicals — helps lessen cross-contamination or having the wrong product used on a surface.

Expert Results Start in the Janitor’s Closet

Fox Cities Janitorial prides ourselves on a well-stocked janitor’s closet, full of proper products and well-maintained tools ready to meet our clients’ needs.

Reach out to Fox Cities Janitorial and find out what we can do for your office or commercial building. The pride we take in our closet reflects the pride we take in every cleaning job, including yours.