Office Cleaning Checklist – What Your Cleaning Service Should Be Doing

Posted June 22nd, 2018.

Office Cleaning Checklist – What Your Cleaning Service Should Be Doing

No one wants to work in a messy office, and certainly your clients do not want to see a messy office, either. You want to keep your employees happy and healthy instead of sick and depressed, as those difficulties will substantially cut into productivity. A messy office looks unprofessional, but it also can be a distraction and decrease motivation.

An office cleaning checklist can ensure that everything gets done and that the office looks tidy every day. It will also tell you if your cleaning company, should you have one, is doing their job properly. We all want to get what we pay for, and an office cleaning checklist is a great way to make sure you are.

Why A Clean Office Is Important

Why a clean office is important
A clean office is not only crucial for productivity and motivation, it’s necessary for the bottom line of your company. Potential and current clients will be turned off by a messy office. A clean office can cut down on sick days, look more professional and also encourage a healthy work environment.

A clean office promotes innovation and hard work. It also keeps your employees healthier, preventing lost time due to the flu and other airborne illnesses. An unclean office fosters bacteria and viruses, which may cause them to be spread more rapidly. It can also prevent allergies, which can make your employees not feel sluggish, tired and not very productive.

Your office is the first thing potential clients see when they walk through the door. Don’t let them be greeted with a mess. Your professional image rides on the cleanliness of your office, and a clean office can only improve it. A negative first impression can cause you to lose clients, either potential or even possibly long-term ones. It can also cause a loss of respect in your market.

Cleaning Tips From Professionals

Cleaning Tips From Professionals
Everyone can use some tips to get things done quicker and more efficiently. One thing you can do is schedule the office cleaning just like you would any other job. Some things will be ongoing, such as keeping desks clear of clutter, but schedule everything and make sure everyone is on the same page. Know that you aren’t busy after 3:00pm? Start scheduling cleanup at that time–someone could clean the restroom for example. Schedule every task.

Invest in proper tools. You’re going to want the right things for the job, such as disinfectant for your desks and tables, and one for the bathrooms. White terry cloths stand up to cleaning everything, like walls, counters and floors. Get cleaning supplies that will do the job right, not one use items (except maybe your toilet brush) and fancy gadgets–just well-made tools.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning Checklist
Restroom. Yeah, everyone’s favorite job: cleaning the bathroom. Wipe down all the surfaces, clean the toilet, sweep and mop the floor and ensure that there is enough soap, towels and toilet paper. Make sure you wipe down the mirror–and don’t forget to disinfect after cleaning the surfaces.

Empty Trash. Properly dispose of all trash and recycling.

Vacuum or Sweep. Cleaning your floors is important. Clear all the dirt and debris from your floors, making sure you get under the tables and other furniture. Make sure you move the furniture to get the best clean.

Dust. Wipe down desks and tables with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove dust. You can use compressed air to remove dust from hard to reach areas, like crevices, keyboards, and more. Don’t forget things like vents, fan blades and light fixtures.

Glass. Use glass cleaner on a cloth to remove any smudges from glass items, such as windows or table tops. You can also use the cloth to remove smudges and other debris from computer monitors, just don’t press too hard.

Disinfect. Now that your tables, desks and other surfaces are dust-free, it’s time to disinfect them, especially desks, keyboards, and computer mice. Other important areas are any vending machines, the office microwave (please don’t forget this one), fridge handle, and water fountain buttons or spigots. Basically anywhere that hands are used to touch.

Clear Cobwebs. Use a damp rag to get into corners where cobwebs hide. You can use a broom handle for those hard-to-reach high spots. Also check any baseboards and wall corners, as cobwebs can hide there as well.

Break Room/Kitchen. Time to clean up after your employees, make sure there is no debris left on the tables by wiping them down, sweeping and mopping the floor, and wiping down any other surfaces.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Clear the clutter. Recycle, throw away or put back anything left out in the office space. Use zip ties for cords, and office containers for things like pens, paper clips, tacks and more. Keeping everything contained and out of sight improves the look of your office immensely.

Empty The Fridge. Time to clear out the science experiments that have been there all week. Throw away any old drinks or food to make way for new items and to make more space.

Kitchenware. Make sure all the cups and dishes are clean in the cupboard, and while you are in there, make sure it’s well-organized so everyone can find what they might need. Wipe down the cups, dishes, bowls, and silverware to ensure they are free of dust and other cabinet debris.

Spray Buff Hard Floors. This will help keep your floors shiny, retaining their new look.

Glass. Clean windows and other glass inside and out to keep them clear of dirt and other debris.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Vacuum Vents and Chairs. This will keep allergens and dust from collecting on the furniture your customers may sit on, as well as keep the air clean as it moves through the vents.

Keeping an office cleaning checklist will keep everyone on the same page as to what to clean, including your cleaning company, should you have one. It may be easier to have one, as that is one less thing you have to ask your staff to do, keeping them focused on their job duties, and one less worry for you. We at Fox Cities Janitorial understand that every client is different, and we work with you for the absolute best results. Give us a call now and take the cleaning off your hands.